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Departmental Leadership


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12 Weeks

About the Course

The Departmental Leadership program prepares and develops for leadership of departments and divisions within organizations. Student Leaders will be equipped with the foundations for sustainable growth and trained in technical skills essential for an senior leadership role.

The 12-week training covers the following categories of topics:

Character-Based Leadership
Self-Leadership & Awareness
Empathic Team Leadership
Problem Solving
Culture Building
Change Management
Strategic Thinking
Persuasion & Influence
Safety & Security
Quality Control
Project Management
Financial Intelligence
Customer Service
Technological Intelligence
Trade Tools & Practice
The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

The learning experience is cohort-based and interactive. Workshops, group discussion, group-problem solving, scenarios, case studies, and professional coaching are the primary teaching tools in the program. Ideal candidates for the program are mid-level leaders/managers with promise and potential to perform well in an senior leader role.


Dates and Times

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