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The Institute Experience

Training leaders to develop leaders
The LeaderBuild™ Institute is a center of research and development for effective leadership training, facilitating environments where leaders connect to leaders; 
forming life-giving relationships and game-changing resources.
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3C Leader™ Groups

Institute programs are built on creating connections between leaders. Participants learn tools together, share best practices, help one another problem solve, and create lasting relationships and networks with that extend far beyond the scope of institute programs.

Trusted Leadership Tools

Institute programs provide a safe space for leaders to practice using proven tools, models, and to interact with best-practices. Extensive use of scenario exercises, and case study, and group learning activities are designed to allow participants to learn leadership tools  through a hands-on experience.  

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Expert & Peer Mentors

Find relationships with both peer mentors and some of the best in-field leaders and share in their best practices, tools, and experiences. Participants connect and interact with role models, learning  both from mistakes and successes. 

Active Coaching

Built-in to each program are executive coaching sessions for each participant. Work alongside an executive coach to personalize content from the program, accelerate professional growth, and develop a personalized career plan within their industry. 

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Explore Programs

Find one that's right for your organization

Industry-Specific Leadership Training 

Focus industries for leadership training and resources

Develop robust leadership training, and help other organizations to do the same.

The Institutes serves as a centralized resource for leadership development designed to inspire, guide, an support other organizations as they create and grow their own leadership development cultures and programs.

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